What’s More Important Than Your Health?

The main goal we focus on is the health benefit or the indoor environment of a Green Built Home. “Indoor environmental quality is a mixture of the air you breathe, the lighting from indoors and outside, noise levels, and even the electromagnetic fields. All these factors contribute to our health, comfort and a sense of well-being. Odors, excessive noise, humming from lights or appliances, and pollutants (particles, spores, volatile gases or unburned fuel) all can lead to irritation, poor health, and reduced productivity, and in extreme cases, even injury or death.”

A well designed & constructed green home can be easily maintained to be free of unhealthy indoor air pollutants. Substances such as Radon gas, excess moisture, mold and mildew, formaldehyde, off-gassing, particles, and dust-mite allergen can seriously impact occupant health. This is especially true for allergy sufferers. Comprehensive ventilation techniques include a wide range of fresh-air systems that boost indoor air quality while adding very little to energy bills. In hot and humid areas like Williamsburg, air-to-air heat recovery ventilators (“Heat Exchangers”) provide additional ventilation while adding “fresh air” at a reduced overall energy cost. Air quality is further improved with higher efficiency air-filter elements or an “electrostatic” air filter device.

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