Force 10 Hybrid Home

Force 10 Hybrid Home

Evan Sawyer Master Builder offers the option of building your home utilizing our Force 10 Thermal Mass Construction. Consider the high cost of insurance, climate change, severe weather including hurricanes and tornados.

Building with poured concrete walls, roofs attached all the way to the foundation and emergency generator systems will give you an extra measure of security and protection while substantially driving down energy consumption/cost. 

We can build your home to withstand and prevail against both natural & man-made disasters. We can even build your home to be impervious to an electromagnetic pulse.  Our hybrid home would be the perfect solution to “off the Grid” or even, apocalyptic scenarios. Fireproof, windproof, and yes, bulletproof.

We can offer this option as the entire home or we can offer in part to specific areas such as a Safe Room that doubles as a wine cellar.

After all, We are Evan Sawyer Master Builder, “Custom Home Building Redefined”

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Protects against the threat of fire from the outside and inside.

Weather and wind stand no chance at knocking these walls down.

That’s right, bulletproof.

Green Building

The Green Building Process starts with design.

The first step to building a green home begins with a proper site evaluation. It is important to determine how the building will best function on the lot. Evan Sawyer evaluates the overall environment including exposures and elevations. We analyze variables such as water and drainage, soils, passive solar potential, and preservation of existing trees and vegetation.

Green Building In Your New Home

Our Green Home Package is very flexible. Homeowners can choose the total package or just select certain options that appeal to them. Eventually, we hope to see every home built with both the external and internal environment in mind for a healthier home and a healthier world.

Architechural Antiques

An Evan Sawyer Home

Our passion and creativity for building residential artwork has inspired us to offer our clients options to incorporate historic and antique elements in our exclusive designs. We replicate many historic or antique elements to perfection and we sometimes incorporate architectural antiques. Blending real antiques into the design might just be that “special touch” you desire.

We have gathered a collection over the years and have an extensive network of sources for fine architectural antiques from all over the world. What excites you? Maybe a bronze fountain reclaimed from a park in Paris? A crystal chandelier from Ireland? Cast Iron Park Lamps from London? Solid teak hand-carved columns dating back to 1755? Be it chimney pots from Europe, British stained glass, wide-plank barn wood flooring, corbels, arches, interior or exterior, the world is yours.

Buying an Evan Sawyer home is the perfect opportunity to make a lasting landmark that bears the hallmarks of timeless perfection. The long-lasting style and worth of architectural antiques married with the fine craftsmanship of an Evan Sawyer creation guarantees that you will call a living masterpiece your home.

Model Home Program

Exclusive Model Home Program

Occaissionally one of our homes fall into the category to fit our Model Program. Your home could be sponsored by manufacturers in the building industry. Products offered will vary including but not limited to, building materials, roofing materials, windows & doors, lighting & plumbing fixtures, flooring, and more. You could be eligible for mind blowing discounts on exclusive products and upgrades, program has limitations & requirements. 

“You have made building our home one of the most fulfilling events of our life. Thanks again for making our dream come true!”

Jeff, Williamsburg, VA

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